Which mattress to choose

Which mattress to choose

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Which mattress to choose: useful tips and considerations to make before buying a new product. Guide to choosing the right mattress for your needs!

Rest well is an absolute necessity! If we have a bad sleep, the body does not recover and, if it does not, we can never be efficient in daytime life.

Choosing the right mattress requires a lot of attention; there are many aspects to consider. Do we like sleeping on our stomachs, on our stomachs or on the side? Another aspect to consider: how much weight? Do I suffer from back pain? In short, before choosing a mattress it is good to evaluate at 360 degrees. Let's see how to choose the mattress following our instructions.

Which mattress to choose based on the position we assume

As already mentioned, the choice of mattress must also be made based on how we like to sleep. If we prefer to stay:

  • on your stomach or on your stomach, it is better to opt for a firm mattress, so as to keep your back straight. If it were soft, the back could assume a curved position causing pain in the future
  • on the side, better to avoid a hard mattress. It is preferable to choose a less rigid mattress that better adapts to the shape of your body. Thus, the back can sink slightly and find the most comfortable position.

Which mattress to choose based on weight

Weight is another aspect to consider when choosing a mattress. Let's see specifically:

  • If you are overweight, a soft mattress makes you sink, which means assuming postures that are anything but positive for our back and health in general. In these cases, choose a mattress that is firm enough to ensure adequate support. Do not forget, however, that the position in which you sleep also has a great value. So if you are very overweight and like sleeping on your side, the mattress should be less firm.
    If your weight is within the normal range, it is preferable to choose a moldable mattress, which is able to distribute body weight evenly. Thus, some areas of the body in particular are not overloaded.

Which mattress to choose if you move during your sleep

There are those who take various positions during sleep! In this case it is better to opt for a firm mattress. What if we tend to maintain the same position during sleep and hardly change position? In this case it is better to choose a latex mattress. It is flexible and therefore able to distribute body weight well.

How to choose the mattress, useful recommendations

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the wear of the mattress. When did it come time to change mattresses? There is an unequivocal signal. If you wake up in the morning with classic back pain which then disappears after about an hour, it means that your mattress has had its time!

The network should not be underestimated either. Each mattress should have its own: the measurements must strictly match, that is, it must not rest on the bed frame. The new type of bed base, i.e. the one with slats, increases the duration of the mattress compared to the old type of bed base, i.e. the metal one.

And the pillow? The pillow also has a great value; it must adapt to the person's build, to his position while he sleeps and to the type of mattress you have chosen.

The pillow must support the neck area well, but it must not be very hard. As with the mattress, before you buy the pillow, try it first in the store.

Latex or Memory Foam? The Memory Foam mattress is of the orthopedic type and has been designed to adapt to the shape of the body. It is important that it is breathable and its stiffness must be tested on the basis of your body weight. The latex mattress is recommended in case of allergy to mites, since the material it is made of does not allow the absorption of dust.

Did you know that zone mattresses exist?

They can have 3, 5 or 7 zones, i.e. horizontal bands designed to ensure adequate support for the different parts of the body, in particular the back and legs area. If you suffer from back pain or limb problems, you can opt for a mattress that suits your needs. If necessary, I recommend that you consult an orthopedist before purchasing a new mattress.

Emma Original: the One-fits-All mattress

As already mentioned, the criteria to be observed when buying a mattress are different: weight, sleeping position, habits and personal preferences. However, in recent years innovative mattresses have been produced that can adapt to people's needs, thus facilitating product choice. An example is the mattress Emma Original, a memory foam mattress, whose foam composition promotes correct support, ideal comfort and high breathability at the same time. The Emma Original structure lends itself very well to any body structure weighing between 50 and 130 kg, positioning itself in the H3 stiffness class. In addition, the millimeter adaptability to the curves of the body favored by the memory foam guarantees a comfortable sensation for every sleeping position. Precisely for these characteristics, Emma Original is considered a One-fits-All mattress and has been declared the best mattress in the Altroconsumo test. For more information on the Emma Original mattress you can visit the manufacturer's website by following this link.

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