Orchid: meaning of the flower

Orchid: meaning of the flower

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L'orchidit's asymbolvery strong in the language of flowers. Hismeaningcan change based on color even if there is a symbolism common: elegance.

Before analyzing themeaning of the Orchidin the language of flowers, let's focus on the legend and history of this plant.

The legend of the orchid

For the ancient Greeks, the firstorchidwas born from the metamorphosis ofOrchis, son of a Nymph and a Satyr. Orchis was a passionate young man, popular for his beauty and boldness. It was precisely the audacity that betrayed him: Orchis fell in love with a Priestess of the God Dionysus and tried to seduce her with strength and determination ... unfortunately, this venture unleashed the wrath of the God who decided to feed him to the wild beasts.

The gods of Olympus, moved by the story, transformed the remains of the young man into a flower, a flower that was the opposite of the boy: the boy was contemptuous, the flower delicate. The boy was strong, the thin flower.

This is how the first was bornorchid, slender, elegant and delicate ... the opposite not only of the temperament but also of the exuberant body of the young man. It is said that the boy's exuberance and strength was preserved in theorchid roots: the roots of the orchid are strong and a symbol of masculinity, it is no coincidence that "orchis" in Greek it means "Testicle".

Orchid: meaning of the flower

The wordOrchid, as stated, derives from the nameOrkhis whosemeaningit is, literally, "testicle". Yep, you just found out that themeaningof the words of aflowerso elegant is it….testicle!This name is linked to the legend described but also to Theophrastus, the botanist who first identified the flower and noticed a clear similarity between thefleshy rootsand the attributes of male anatomy.

There are over 20,000 species of orchids. One of the most famous species is the Phalaenopsis Orchid. Is calledPhalaenopsisbecause those who observed it for the first time confused its flowers for large white moths.

Speaking again of themeaningof the name, one of the main genera oforchidit is called Paphiopedilum. This name comes from the Greek word Paphos, whose meaning it can be traced back to the temple where the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, was worshiped. This is where one of the roots that reconnect theorchidto the symbol of the purest love, despite themeaningGreek name!

Let's move on tomeaning of the orchidin the language of flowers by reconnecting the flower to color.

  • The white orchid is a symbol of innocence, purity, refinement and reverence. It can be given as a gift to show deep love, but it is an innocent and lasting love. This is why thewhite orchidsthey are always included in the decoration of the bride's bouquet.
  • The pink orchid is a symbol offemininity, grace, cheerfulness and joy.
  • Yellow orchids are a symbol of friendship, its meaning is related to new beginnings and good wishes. They are great to give to a friend who has reached a milestone.
  • Thepurple orchidsthey are probably the finest. If the white orchid is a symbol of reverence, the purple orchid has a meaning of greater depth, it symbolizes subjection, royalty and the most tenacious admiration.
  • The orange orchid symbolizes pride, audacity, courage and enthusiasm.
  • The red orchid expresses, in an intense way, the desire for physical contact and intimacy.
  • The blue orchid can be used for those who want to send a message of peace. Hismeaningit is due to calm and tranquility.

L'orchidit is a very popular flower among brides. It is chosen to celebrate a wedding: in particular, thewhite orchidto emphasize the purity of the complicit love of union. Once, the white orchid was granted only to the bride who arrives unscathed at the altar.

If the orchids in question are two-colored, the flower will enclose themeaningcombined with that indicated by the different colors. For example, a ’white orchidflecked with red, it symbolizes lasting love, respect and reverence but, at the same time, it expresses a desire for intimacy. If the flower is white and yellow, it will convey a meaning of intense, pure, sincere love and strong complicity.

Orchid and wedding

In marriage history, theorchidoften appears to peep into the history of the spouses. The pink orchid is used as a flower to celebrate the fourteenth wedding anniversary. The orchid, more generally, is the traditional flower to celebrate a silver wedding (25 years of marriage or 25 years of a couple's union).

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