How to clean the nose pad

How to clean the nose pad

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How to clean the nose piece:instructions forclean the nose pieceand then continue cooking in the oven (in foil) or stewed. Tips for cleaning frozen or fresh-caught hake.

Thehakeit is appreciated for its digestible and tender meats. Hake meat has a very delicate flavor, so much so that it can be the protagonist of unusual combinations.

Typically forclean the fishyou need a fillet knife and pliers to remove the bones, forclean the nose pieceinstead, your hands will be enough!

Hake: fish

Is the Hake a cod? No, like icod, the Hake fishdoes not belong to the family of Gadids, however, it is also part of the same grouping, so much so that abroad the Hake is known as the "European Cod". It is in fact among the most caught fish in our seas.

It's sold whole, the minimum legal size sees a length of 20 cm but on the market there are specimens of about 30 cm.

Frozen hake

On the market it is easy to find thefrozen hake, generally marketed already clean. I do not recommend buying frozen hake because it is fresh all year round, as stated it is among the most caught fish of our seas and just take a walk at any fish market to find plenty of it, at any time of the year.

How to clean the frozen hake?As stated, when purchased frozen, the hake is already clean. The fish is cleaned before being frozen. If you need to remove the bone or skins, I invite you to wait for the defrosting times and continue as described in the next paragraph.

How to clean the nose pad

Inclean the nose pieceyou will have to pay attention: this fish has very fragile white meat, for the same reason I recommend youcook the hake in the ovenor stewed, hake does not lend itself to more aggressive cooking.

Hake, how to clean it:First, incise the belly using pointed scissors. Open the belly and gently empty it by extracting the bowels and then continue to extract the underlying bone.

Thehakeit's easy toboning: the bone is very compact and unlike other fish, you will not need pliers to remove any bones left in the pulp.

The bone must be removed gently, with your hands. You will then need to remove the gills as well and rinse the fish thoroughly under running water.

How to remove the skin from the nose pad? It is a fish with delicate and rather fragile meat, the skin must be removed after cooking to avoid damaging the meat. In addition, calculate that you find yourself with a fish of 20 - 30 cm and very thin, if you really want to remove the skin, it is better to cook the whole hake and then remove it with tongs, only when the cooking is completed.

Can the hake be filleted?Hake is a slender fish, if you fancy a fillet of fish, go for cod which is easily found in larger sizes. The hake has a small diameter and, rather than filleting it, it is always recommended to extract the bones as explained above.

Only if thehakeit is particularly large I suggest you cut it in half to obtain two fillets.

How to cook whole hake

Once cleaned, you can continue cooking thehake in the ovenor stewed. What does stewed mean? That you can blanch it, steam the hake or with a white or red sauce, as your palate prefers.

How to cook whole hake? Fry 2 tablespoons of oil, add some very ripe fresh tomatoes (or tomatoes in a jar), garlic pulp (you need a garlic press), capers and black olives. Cook the hake with the lid on for 10 minutes in the sauce thus prepared.

How to cook hake in the oven? To preserve the integrity of the meats, I recommend that you cook thehake in foil, perhaps with finely chopped potatoes, courgettes and carrots, or, again, with some tomatoes, olives and herbs. Green light also for the combination of olives and zucchini.

Chef's advice for the cooking whole fish, hake included: to flavor the fish, you can rub parsley and garlic into its belly and moisten it with white wine before cooking.

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