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Fifth disease, all the info

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Fifth disease in adults and childrensymptoms, treatments and contagion. What is the treatment and when it can occur in adults. Course and duration of the disease, when the child can return to school and useful advice.

Fifth disease, what it is and causes

It is also known asinfectious erythema, manifests itself in the form of severe skin irritation. It is very common among children and adolescents, the age range of interest falls mainly between 5 and 15 years. This prevalent spread does not make adults immune tofifth disease.

L'infectious erythemait is caused by parvovirus B19.

Fifth disease contagion

The question that all mothers ask themselves: thefifth disease is contagious? Yes, but theinfectioncan only occur before therash. At the time of the rash, parovirus B19 is no longer able to "attack" a new host, so theinfectionit is limited in the very early stages offifth disease.

Betweenadults and children, are more at risk of contract the fifth diseaseor at riskinfectionindividuals who have immune system disorders or blood disorders.

Fifth disease symptoms

THEsymptomsmost common are a mild fever, headache, exhaustion and other flu symptoms. Suchsymptomsare the prelude to the most striking manifestation offifth disease, that is, the skin rash.

The flu symptoms listed above (headache, slight fever ...) disappear when the bright red rash appears that may appear on the skin of the face.

L'rash, in fact, it mainly affects thecheekswhich turn a bright red color. It is for this reason that thefifth diseaseorinfectious erythemait is also known asred cheek disease orslapped cheek disease.

In most cases, theerythema(redness) later also appears on the trunk, chest, arms and legs. In this period, exposure to the sun, excessive heat or intense cold is not recommended. The skin should be protected from extreme atmospheric agents.

Fifth disease duration and incubation period

The incubation period of theparovirus B19 infectionhas adurationranging from 7 days to about 3 weeks. It all depends on the immune system of the host individual (child or adult). As stated, thedisease is contagiousonly before the appearance of the rash which is the most striking manifestation of this disease. Given this information on theinfection, it is important to reassure mothers and warn that ichildrenwho already have erythema can safely go to school because they are no longer contagious.

Fifth disease, how to cure it

Therefifth diseaserequires specific attention only in pregnant women. There aren'tcarespecific to thefifth diseasenor diagnostic tests. It's about aharmless disease,although annoying, it is always advisable to seek medical advice.

For the treatment offifth diseaseMedicines to relieve related symptoms are generally recommended, for example, in the incubation phase it may be appropriate to take medications to lower fever (antiperetic) or to reduce flu symptoms.

In case of itching, in the most acute and evident phase of the disease, it is possible to take antihistamines. The family doctor may recommend the use of topical antihistamines, as well as specific creams to relieve itching or pain.

Fifth disease in adults

In theadultsor in adolescents, amongsymptoms of fifth diseasepain and swelling in the limbs and joints are also included. In particular, the hands, wrists, knees and ankles may appear swollen and painful.

Therediseaseit is not dangerous, neither for adults nor for children, however, if contractedduring pregnancyit can be very dangerous. It can lead to complications and if not properly treated can result in a miscarriage or stillbirth of the fetus.

In the incubation stages, when febrile states are present, natural remedies may be useful to lower fever and fight the flu. In this context, I refer you to the page:remedies to lower fever.

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