How to grow linden

How to grow linden

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How to grow linden: a guide that will show youhow a lime tree is grown, from the growth of the tree to the care to be devoted to this splendid cultivation. How to transplant a lime tree and perform properpruning.

The lime tree it's a ornamental tree cultivated for the beauty of its foliage, the intoxicating perfume of its flowers and the goodness of its edible parts. Forcultivate the lime treeno need for a green thumb, it is in fact a low maintenance tree with few needs.

Linden, cultivation and care

The lime tree does not need a lot of care but it needs a lot of space in order to thrive. It is, in fact, atreesuitable for medium to large gardens. Whycultivate the lime tree?

  • It is an ornamental tree.
  • It is a low maintenance tree.
  • The beautiful foliage gives a pleasant shade in summer, perfect for making the garden livable even on the hottest days.
  • The Linden is an excellent melliferous plant, with its flowers it attracts bees, bumblebees and butterflies.
  • Its flowers give off an intoxicating scent, it is a splendid fragrant tree.
  • Flowers, leaves and shoots are edible and have interesting properties.
  • If grown as a tree, it grows up to 25-30 meters in height but it can also be grown as a bush to contain, in part, its size.

It's possiblecultivate the lime treeclose to the house? Someone says that it is not recommendedcultivation of lindenclose to the house because with its thick foliage it can create shade making the house colder.

Thelime treeit's atreevery long-lived, when growing it near home we must also keep in mind another factor: theroot depth. Linden roots can reach a great depth, this plant, in fact, has an expanded and deep root system.

As stated, thecareof the lime treeit does not require special attention. This tree is undemanding to light exposure and soil type, although it prefers fertile and fresh soils. As for the lime tree pruningit will be enough periodically to eliminate the suckers.

How to grow linden

If you are thinking about the cultivationstarting fromsowing of the lime tree, re-evaluate your position!

Begin thecultivation of lindenstarting from the seed it is not recommended: it takes one year for germination and 5-6 years to obtain a plant 1 - 1.5 meters in height. The lime tree has a regular growth but in the first years of life it is very slow. Therefore it is recommended to buy oneplant of lime treeadult who is from 5 to 10 years of age so as to be transplanted without suffering stress.

By purchasing alime treefrom the age of 5 to 10 years, flowers, leaves and shoots will be available from the first year of cultivation. Perfect ingredients for herbal teas, soups, soups, donuts and salads.

How to transplant a lime tree

Transplanting and planting the lime tree are the first steps to start this cultivation.

Forcultivate the lime tree, in the case of dry soils and climates, in the first 2-3 years after planting, it will be necessary to irrigate constantly during the summer in order to promote root development.

If the garden in your home has poor soil, when transplanting the lime tree, it is recommended to bury 5 kg of mature manure or compost. In the case of poor soils, it is advisable to administer 5 kg of well-ripened manure or compost at least once a year.

Where to grow the lime tree

Thelime treeit's easy tocultivate: it adapts to different types of soil, provided they are fresh and without water stagnation. It fails to thrive in very acidic soils.

As for the climate, thelime treeit grows well throughout Italy and can be grown up to about 1,500 meters above sea level. It prefers cool and sufficiently bright locations. The lime treeit resists drought well but does not like areas with a too dry and hot climate as in some places in Southern Italy.

Linden, tree pruning

As stated, the only attention to be paid tolime treeand thepruning. Those who do not want to try their hand at a particular form of breeding, in addition to having to periodically remove the suckers, will have to cut the branches that grow towards the inside of the trunk, the dry shoots and the diseased branches.

Therelime tree pruningprovides three forms of training: bush, adtreeor classic form.

For all the detailed instructions, I refer you to the specific guide "Pruning of the lime tree “.

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