Dental erosion: treatment and causes

Dental erosion: treatment and causes

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Dental erosion, annoying, painful and unsightly. Avoidable? In many cases yes or at least we can try to make it come to spoil our smile as late as possible.

Dental acid erosion

Even if it is dental enamel it is the hardest substance in the human body, it can be damaged and damaged in some moments. We take into account that it must last a lifetime, covering and protecting the teeth, protecting in particular the soft and sensitive core that is threatened by the presence of acids. This threat is dental erosion. The term "erosion" must make us understand that it is not a quick and sudden process rather, something that acts day after day and ruins the teeth.

The enamel for its part, containing many mineral substances, has one remarkable consistency but it can happen that it is scratched or ruined and at that point there is no mechanism in our body for which it can be restored.

Dental erosion from brushing

To avoid dental erosion, dentists often also advise us to avoid brushing your teeth with a hard-bristled toothbrush. It is useful and less intuitive to avoid brushing immediately after consuming acidic drinks or foods.

To keep the situation under control and understand if we brush our teeth incorrectly, unknowingly, it is better to regularly carry out dental check-ups and consult the dentist because alone you can not always notice what is happening. Especially at the beginning, when the surface of the teeth appears faded or the tip of the front teeth transparent.

Dental erosion: cure

The ways to intervene are different, it is always important to correct the diet, not only for dental erosion, and to pay attention to our brushing technique trying to improve it. There are cases in which the application of dental prostheses and then the prosthetist can think of covering the whole tooth, if it is irremediably compromised, or to use ceramic dental veneers.

Today the cure for this problem is also in evolution thanks to the new materials discovered that allow you to create prostheses or protections that do not create further problems or annoyances. An example can be the lithium disilicate, used to create thin and resistant crowns that encapsulate the tooth without requiring prior processing with the file or even without even having to completely remove natural tooth enamel.

Dental erosion: causes

It can happen at all ages to suffer from dental erosion, we do not always notice it but then we notice that the teeth seem more vulnerable than ever and more and more as time goes by.

One of the causes of this process is excessive consumption of acidic foods and drinks which affect the natural pH of the mouth causing the erosion of the enamel. A incorrect nutrition, so it can be the cause, usually based on sugary drinks and junk food but it is not only these types of foods that are the culprits. Even healthier foods such as apples, orange juice, vinegar or red wine.

Dental erosion: children

After a certain age, with aging, it is also physiological that we begin to see dental erosion in people who may not have an improper diet and brushing your teeth well. This does not mean that children cannot be subject to this problem, in their case the reason is often linked to a diet with an excess of sugars but it can also hide behind mechanical causes such as bruxism. It is the habit of grinding the teeth or rubbing.

Dental erosion: remedies

Eating foods with a pH that is not too acidic, brush your teeth properly and with toothpastes that have guaranteed and high quality formulas. One trick can be to rinse your mouth with a glass of water after consuming acidic drinks and foods in order to restore the natural pH of the mouth and reduce the risk of acid erosion.

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