How to grow ginger in pots

How to grow ginger in pots

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How to grow ginger in pots: all the tips for growing ginger, from sowing to the care to devote to the plant.

Thegingerit is a plant that does not require details care for hiscultivation so you can have excellent results even if you are a beginner. Forgrowing ginger in potsOnly a few small measures will need to be implemented in order to guarantee the well-being of this formidable medicinal plant with a fleshy root. But let's continue step by step, let's see what are the characteristics of this plant.

Ginger, characteristics of the plant

Its botanical name isZingiber officinaleand it is aplanthighly appreciated both for its beneficial properties, for uses in the kitchen and also for its aesthetic value.

Ginger is oneperennial plant which faces annual cycles of vegetation. It can reach about a meter in height, with narrow green leaves and yellow or orange flowers.

Thegingerbelongs to the Zingiberaceae family, the same family as turmeric (Curcuma longa) and cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum).

This plant is native to the rainforest of South Asia, it is a tropical plant and therefore should be grown in a sheltered position.

Ginger, growing in pots

Here are the general directions onhow to grow ginger in pots.

  • The temperature of the environment in which it comesgrown gingerit must never drop below 15 degrees.
  • Choose a location where the plant can have filtered sun.
  • It loves a soil rich in organic matter but, for thecultivation in pots, it will be necessary to pay attention to water stagnation.
  • Keep the environment humid, so if the pot is placed in an air-conditioned room, spray the area or add expanded clay to the saucer.

How to grow ginger in pots

To start the cultivation of ginger, get one or more rhizomes (roots). Choose organic rhizomes if you buy the classics ginger roots in the supermarket, make sure they have not been treated otherwise they may not sprout. Like potatoes, ginger also undergoes anti-germination treatments.

If the rhizome has more than one sprout, just like when growing potatoes, get more plants from a single tuber by cutting the rhizome into several pieces, each of which must have at least one pair of sprouts.

For thecultivation in pots, get a container that is large and deep enough because the roots require space for their development. More than pots, you should prepare planters or chests.

A vase with a size of 40 cm in diameter can accommodate 3 plants placed at 15-20 cm, one from the other.

The soil must be well drained, given by 50% of clayey-sandy soil and 50% of mature compost. Such a composition is ideal forgrow ginger, while the sand drains, the clay retains the minimum of moisture necessary for the development of the rhizome while the compost provides nourishment to the plant.

Water once a day, in the evening, from planting to the complete development of the plant. Irrigation should be thinned out when temperatures begin to drop.

When to harvest ginger?

Thegingerit can be collected after five or six months from the start of thecultivation. As with other tubers, the ideal time for harvesting is indicated by the withering of the leaves. Harvest when the leaves are dry.

Ginger, flowering

I know you will not like this but ... to allow the maximum development of the rhizomes, you will have to sacrifice the flowering. When the plant blooms, remove stems and flowers so as not to steal nourishment from the rhizome.

When to grow ginger?

The best time to start grow ginger runs from the end of winter until the beginning of summer.

Can ginger be grown in the garden?

As stated, it is a tropical plant that needs a mild climate. Those who live in the far south, where the climate is particularly mild throughout the year, can grow ginger in the open ground.

Generally, however, it is recommended to perform the cultivation of ginger in potsso, during the summer,grow ginger on the balcony or in the garden, moving the pots outside, while in the winter months, you will have to bring the pots indoors.

In the photo above the beautiful onesginger flowers.

Ginger plants, where to find them

As stated, you cangrow gingerstarting from the fresh rhizomes you find at the supermarket. The only drawback is that these rhizomes have often been treated to avoid germination.

To be on the safe side, you can buy rhizomes to plant. Where is it? At the most well-stocked agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of online sales. On Amazon at "this address"You can find different purchase options.

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