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Toy bum, a very coveted companion dog once upon a time by the wealthiest families who understood him almost as an accessory to their sumptuously furnished homes. Today it is and remains a pet dog, lives with the families who adopt it, it is very common and few remember that it was once intended as a hunting dog.

Apricot toy poodle

One of the Toy poodle most appreciated is the one with apricot-colored hair which must be a uniform color that does not tend to pale fawn, or sand-colored, or fawn red.

With an elegant and at the same time cheerful appearance, he always stands out for his hair and his well-proportioned body, not too massive and not too delicate. In addition to the coat, the eyes are also particularly magnetic, expressive and lively, almond-shaped. The snout of the Toy poodle it is elegant, the stop is not very pronounced and usually the nose is very clean, with the nostrils well opened.

Toy Dwarf Poodle

The measures that determine the Toy Poodle category are those relating to the height at the withers which must be between i 24 and 28 cm, the ideal is 25 cm with a tolerance of one cm.

The Toy poodle retains the appearance of a dwarf Poodle and is proportioned exactly like this Poodle, meets the requirements of the standard, is a miniature dog and is very much appreciated for this happy combination of aesthetic balances. It has been for centuries, so much so that it has been exhibited as a living ornament in the palaces of the nobles of past centuries, perhaps adorned with jewels and bows.

Toy Poodle: Character

Good and loyal to the master, this dog is quite manageable, learns well during training sessions and is not aggressive. However, it cannot be defined as a naive dog, indeed, it is rather smart and without malice, when he wants to get something, he also uses tricks.

Even if small, it should not be kept indoors because loves outdoor games and physical activity, hates doing repetitive exercises. Compared to the larger Poodles, the Toy is less good-natured and more of character, but does not get into fights with other dogs or with other animals or humans.

Black toy poodle

Curly and abundant, the coat of this breed can take on various colors, there are also one-color versions and also one-color black versions, such as white, brown, gray, apricot and red at the same time. To the touch the coat of this dog looks like fine, woolly and resistant to hand pressure, there are also specimens with corded hair, more abundant and forming characteristic thin cords.

Toy poodle red

Between One-color Toy Poodles there is also the red one, fawn red, uniform throughout the coat and never tending to apricot, with eyelids, nose, lips, gums, palate, natural orifices, scrotum and well pigmented pads. There may also be Toy Poodles in other colors as in strong and warm brown or gray, never beige, color not allowed.

Toy Poodle Puppy

The puppies of this breed they are not rebels, they adapt to the needs of the family without any kind of problem and are perfect for being with children, also thanks to their size that does not make them dangerous or clumsy. The Toy Poodle immediately shows himself to be faithful and suitable to be trained to become an excellent companion dog.

Toy poodle: price

The price also depends on the pedigree and the beauty of the single specimen. If you want a dog show dog, to win many awards, certainly the price increases a lot and can never go below a thousand euros. If you want a Pet toy poodle, you can also find cheaper and always healthy specimens.

As for the origins of this breed, there has always been one diatribe between the French and the Germans who want to define it as their native breed. To date, the most reliable hypothesis is that for which the race comes from the "Barbet", in France now the breed is called "Caniche," from "canard" meaning "wild duck".

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