Mole in the garden

Mole in the garden

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A mole in the garden can be very annoying: digging holes, ruining plants and lawn. So how to do it? Just use ours natural remedies to keep moles away from the garden.

Mole in the garden

In Italy there are three species of moles widespread in the area. The mole europaea (common mole), the caeca mole (blind mole) and the Roman mole. Among the three species, the largest is the Roman mole which can reach up to 18 cm in length. The blind mole is the smallest, measuring about 13 cm and does not exceed 100 grams in weight.

Apart from some small morphological distinctions, the molesthey have the same eating habits and preferences. Themolesthey do not damage the vegetable garden by feeding on the harvest but can be a big problem for the vegetable garden and garden. Why? They dig holes and tunnels!

Theremoleit adapts well to different environments: sandy, clayey soils, dunes ... generally it prefers moist and not hot soils, for a mole, sometimes, your garden can present itself as the perfect habitat.

If you have a well-kept garden and you don't have insecticide treatments, a mole may be prowling your garden in search of food. What do moles eat? Mainly earthworms, but also insect larvae, chylopods and other annelids. Food sources vary from season to season. The mole, in fact, is not among the animals that hibernate.

How to keep a mole away in the garden

The moles they are very tender, it is really a shame to use traps, chemical repellents or worse, baits and poisons to eliminate them. It is true, these animals dig tunnels and can cause serious damage in lawns and gardens. For drive away moles it is possible to take advantage of several remedies.

Themolesthey are very delicate animals, careful even when you do the classic works in the garden. If you do a hoeing, be cautious: a small wound, for the mole, can be fatal.

Mothballs against moles

Naphthalene is by no means a natural remedy, however it can be considered a good repellent to ward off moles. Add mothballs to mounds or near holes left by moles. More repellent is mothballs powder. To limit the dispersion of the mothballs powder in the environment, you can mix some with the soil of the mound dug by the moth.

Naphthalene is used for the formulation of the classic moth balls. It would be advisable to use it sparingly, without exaggerating.

Themolesthey have a very developed sense of smell. Just like mothballs, even a cloth impregnated with petrol or diesel (naphtha) would be able to annoy them to the point of moving them away.

Natural remedies

As stated, mothballs against moles are effective but not defenseless for the environment. Those who prefer natural remedies can use mechanical strategies. You know the swivels that children use to play? You can plant windmills inside their burrows and near holes. The wind, creating movement, generates vibrations that keep moles away.

The wind is an excellent ally forkeep away moths in the garden. If it is difficult for you to find pinwheels, it will not be difficult for you to find bottles.

How to use the bottle to ward off moles?
Classic (high-necked) wine bottles can fit into the holes of moles. The wind, blowing on the holes of the bottles generates a rustle that scares the moles.

If the garden is not very ventilated and you want to ensure adequate noise, you will need to equip yourself with metal bars and glass bottles. The iron bars (or other metal) will have to be planted near the holes and you will have to put a glass bottle upside down right above the rod. The wind, even if small, circulating between the glass and the metal, will generate vibrations that will scare away the moles,away from the garden.

Other natural remedies to ward off moles

Cats are excellent allies and keep away other rodents and reptiles.

Among othersnatural remedies to remove the mole from the gardenthere are anti-mole plants. In fact, the species that gives off a repellent odor against moles is theEuphorbia lathrys. This plant produces a white latex and gives off strong smelling volatile compounds. The Euphorbia lathrys plant (also known as euphorbia catapuzia) reaches 150 cm in height and produces small flowers.

Repellents against moles

On the market there is no shortage of "bollards" that have a rather vast field of action. These are vibrating metal tips to insert into the ground. These bollards work but ... only if the soil is humid, rich in organic matter or basically clayey. The bollards do not work with sandy soils.

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